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The Benefits of Occupi

All Housing Management Systems (HMS) have similar limitations around understanding, prioritising and preventing arrears. Income teams must contend with legacy systems that lack any in-built intelligence, which directly impacts on the team’s productivity and tenants’ wellbeing.

Traditional HMS apply the same importance to every case when creating caseloads. As such, many of the cases included in an Income Officer’s caseload are likely to be technical arrears or cases where no action is needed, slowing them down and adding to their workload unnecessarily.

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How Occupi Helps

Occupi's Features

  • AI-powered, smart arrears caseload prioritisation

  • Companion app that guides users and presents their allocated caseload

  • Identification of tenants who are likely to fall further into arrears and prioritises them

  • Propensity model that highlights the best targets for intervention

  • Predictive functions that allow tenants who are likely to fall into arrears in the future to be identified

  • Configuration settings allow for fully customisable caseloads, enabling managers to utilise the power of AI for specific objectives

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Occupi's Benefits

  • Maximises teams’ productivity through data-driven intelligence

  • Understands and learns tenants’ behaviours, and continuously improves upon its recommendations

  • Provides sustainable income management by enabling targeted preventative strategies

  • Identifies future arrears cases before they happen

  • Removes technical arrears and non-actionable cases from your caseloads

  • Can be accessed via the app, or it can be integrated into your existing platform

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How It Works

Occupi creates value for our clients through its three-step AI-powered process. First, Occupi gathers tenancy data regarding transaction histories, property types, tenancy lengths, debt cases, and more to be analysed by its AI software.


From this analysis, Occupi is able to determine which arrears cases are stable, which are unstable, which arrears cases are technical arrears, and which tenancies are likely to fall into arrears in the future.

Using this information, Occupi supplies a prioritised list of cases for Income Officers to work through. Thanks to the AI analysis and prioritisation, the caseloads provided by Occupi are focused on creating the most impact for housing associations and their tenants.

My team finds CX Housing so frustrating. They tried to create their own workarounds to make up for the limitations of the system. This is not the way income collection and arrears should be managed. Occupi gives our teams exactly what they need. It's night and day.

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