Rental Income Intelligence For Social Housing

Pivigo gives your income team an AI-powered prioritised workload, to ensure you deliver the best possible outcomes in Arrears and Collections in Social Housing.

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Smart Caseloads For Maximum Efficiency

By intelligently balancing collection with complex cases, and removing all of the technical arrears and inefficiencies that housing systems suffer from, we are redefining arrears management.

Welcome to Occupi

Occupi ensures your income teams:

- Make the most impact with the time and people you have.

- Identify unstable tenancies and support them effectively.

- Implement targeted preventative efforts reducing the number of new cases.

How it works

Occupi is Flexible

We know that all income teams work differently.

Occupi provides the relevant intelligence to help prioritise your workload and remove non-essential tasks.

‍Income teams need a product that understands the context.The size of the current caseload, the size of the arrears debt, the number of new arrears cases each month; these factors should influence the strategy

Occupi allows you to optimise the caseload in relation to the current situation.

Pivigo AI-Solutions-as-a-Service

"Camden has worked with Pivigo to implement their innovative AI solution. As a tech and transformation leader in local government, it's clear that technology like this will re-shape how arrears are managed and tenants supported, and we’re proud to be early adopters."

"The project has demonstrated the power of our data and the opportunities available through a process of replacing the assumptions made with statistical analysis."

"We have worked with Pivigo on five projects by now, and have always been more than satisfied with the outcomes."

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