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We believe that every business 
deserves to benefit from the 
power of AI and Data 

Pivigo supports forward-thinking organisations who want to adopt AI and Data Science to drive performance. We’ve connected organisations with the right data science talent to deliver 450+ successful projects globally and across a wide range of sectors.

How we do it

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Europe's biggest data science bootcamp, where the world's brightest data science talent and innovative companies work together to solve business problems and improve your competitive edge.

Leverage Pivigo's ten years of experience scoping and supporting projects to gain powerful insights for your business.

  • Run exploratory projects

  • Mitigate hiring challenges

  • Three editions per year

AI Skills on Demand

Our global community of data talent works with you to deliver the valuable insights you need for true impact. These data professionals have been highly vetted through our rigorous in-house bootcamp designed specifically for PhD and MSc researchers. This ensures a deep pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals ready to engage with your AI and ML projects. Leveraging our experience with 450+ successful projects, we craft the perfect match between your specific project requirements and the ideal data scientist from our network. 


These highly skilled data professionals can be engaged through flexible contracts, tailored for your project-based requirements, with the option to convert to permanent hires if desired. Throughout the project, we provide continuous support for your data scientist with regular check-ins to offer a sounding board for ideas and ensure continued project alignment. We can even partner with you to help scope your projects to further ensure their success.

  • Highly vetted talent, only the highest calibre

  • Truly flexible engagement options

  • Specialised skills, all experience levels

  • Talent matched to your requirements

  • Your dedicated partner


Why now?

Every CEO sees the potential in AI, but many are hesitant to embrace it in their businesses. Innovative business leaders know:

AI is complex 
Innovation can be expensive
AI takes time

With Pivigo, you have access to a team of professionals with years of experience, allowing you to harness the power of AI without the risk and cost associated.

AI complexities handled by experienced AI practitioners

AI improves profitability

AI doesn't take your  time

You're In Good Company

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