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We believe that every business 
deserves to benefit from the 
power of Artificial Intelligence

With our AI as a Service, you can harness the power of machine learning and AI without the effort, risk, and expense of building it yourself 


Occupi provides Income Intelligence to Social Housing using AI. By intelligently balancing collection with complex cases and removing all of the technical arrears and inefficiencies that housing systems suffer from, we are redefining arrears management.

Prioritise at-risk tenancies
Preserve your collection rate

Maximise team productivity

AI Solutions

With Pivigo's AI-as-a-Service, companies can harness the power of machine learning and AI without the effort, risk, and expense of building it themselves. Hiring data scientists to build models and garner returns from AI takes time, expertise, and resources.

Ideate: Workshops to shape your AI strategy and align it with your business

Innovate: Building AI products that drive growth, deliver insights, and create advantage

Operate: Manage that capability and maintain your AI solution so you don't have to

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Europe's biggest data science bootcamp, where the world's brightest data science talent and companies work together to solve business problems and improve your competitive edge.

S2DS runs three times a year 
Mitigate hiring challenges

Run exploratory projects


Why Now

Every CEO sees the potential in AI, but many are reluctant to embrace it and realise it in their businesses.

However, many resist trying to implement this in-house, because:

AI is complex 
AI is expensive
AI takes time

With Pivigo, you have access to a team of professionals with years of experience, allowing you to harness the power of AI without the risk and cost asscoiated.


Occupi: Rental Income Intelligence For Social Housing

An AI-powered prioritised workload, ensuring the best possible outcomes in Arrears and Collections in Social Housing.

You're In Good Company


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