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For Housing Directors

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As a director of housing, you'll inevitably be concerned with tenant services, customer satisfaction as well as value for money.

The difficulties a director of housing faces have gotten worse recently.

Performance in this setting can be assessed in a variety of ways, including tenancy length, tenant satisfaction, performance in terms of collections, arrears, and organizational effectiveness.

Occupi aids in the improvement of all these measures, which benefits both the organization and tenants.

How It Works:
  • Improve customer satisfaction by intervening early, focusing on the right tenant at the right time and providing the necessary support

  • Generate increased intrinsic worth while also achieving the strategies and aims of the company
    Provide more while spending less money by using resources more effectively, interacting with customers and providing more tenant support

  • Boost the cash position to allow for additional investment in goods and services that benefit tenants lives

  • Improve the organization's moral collection methods

  • Assist more tenants in overcoming their financial challenges

  • Helping more tenants get through challenging times will enable them to retain their houses.

  • Reduce evictions and all of the associated costs and suffering

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