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For IT Directors

Occupi works within your infrastructure.

Information Technology

IT departments in social housing are essential to their organisation's strategic goals and objectives. 


Social Landlords rely on IT departments for business operations, operational performance and customer service. By enhancing automation, data accuracy and insights, organisations can improve their decision making.


Occupi empowers IT departments to achieve these goals with novel insights, functional reports and predictive analytics.


Occupi is simple to set up and user friendly. The system’s core objective is to simplify and improve the rent collection process.

Working on a Computer
How it works:
  • Can be set up to be integrated with your current IT infrastructure and Housing Management System

  • Pivigo's expert team will manage the deployment of the Occupi software 

  • Everybody benefits from Occupi's technology; the housing association, its employees, and the tenants all gain from it

  • Occupi is an established, safe technology that is simple to implement

  • Existing clients attest to its demonstrated ROI

  • Installation is simple and customer involvement is minimal

  • Once set up, you can use Occupi through your existing Housing Management System or via our easy-to-use interface and companion app

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