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Science to Data Science (S2DS) is a 5-week intensive bootcamp during which a team of ~5 PhD / MSc-Level academics support you on your innovative AI / Data Science project as they transition into commercial data careers.

Why S2DS?

Discover the art of the possible before committing your own internal resources.

Science to Data Science is an intensive data science bootcamp. For 5 weeks a team of ~5 scientists will bring their MSc / PhD-Level expertise to bear on your business case. You set a team of top academics a challenge to analyse, explore, experiment, engineer, design, predict, prompt, proof-of-concept, prototype or otherwise support you on your bespoke ML / AI project. You define the task.


Europe's Largest Bootcamp

Science to Data Science (S2DS) expands your organisation's capacity to explore and solve complex commercial challenges, and also the opportunity to develop IP for your ML / AI solution.


Client-defined Projects

Projects are defined by you our Partners, and supported by Pivigo's experienced Data Scientists, giving organisations a unique approach to solving complex commercial challenges without committing internal resources.


Hire Fresh Talent

At the end of the 5-week programme, the participant Data Scientists are seeking commercial roles. Pivigo offers various hiring options to help you build your in-house capabilities and draw on this exclusive talent pipeline.

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Proven results in weeks, not years

From chatbots to more complex predictive analytics tools, there’s a wide range of AI applications that businesses are looking to implement that can all deliver competitive advantage.

When does it run?

We run S2DS three times a year in Spring, Summer & Autumn. The programme is run virtually, ensuring you have access to the brightest talent across the globe.

Top Talent

Organisations such as KPMG, Barclays, M&S, British Gas, Investec, Department for Education, and Royal Mail have successfully built their data science and analytical teams through the programme.

Build your team

S2DS gives you the ideal way to mitigate the challenges around hiring, through working first-hand with the highest standard of analytical talent.

Full Customer Experience Service

It is vital to have the right partner; one who’s been there before, with a track record of running successful data science projects for companies of all sizes and maturity.

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Data Science Talent

Work with the best and brightest Data Scientists to add immediate value to your organisation.

Hire Pivigo's S2DS Alumni on a 3 to 6-month
engagement, or permanently; whichever makes most sense for your business.

S2DS equips top academics with the latest skills in data science and analytics through 'real-world' company projects, supporting them to seamlessly transition into commercial roles.

What Our Partners Say

"We were very pleased with how fast our team caught up with the challenge and started working on it. Our Machine Learning infrastructure got an important push in just five weeks."


"We have been able to learn a lot from our collaboration with three different S2DS cohorts with help from their very well-supported bootcamps. In addition to good content-related work, S2DS helps us to bring together both scientific requirements and knowledge for the greater benefit of all."

Alexandra Dolff, Head of Market and Audience Insights, 

Deutsche Welle

"We partnered with Pivigo's S2DS to build a new analytical model for our product. We were very impressed with our team; their practicality and commercial thinking. S2DS is a great programme, well run and beneficial not only for the data scientists but for the participating businesses as well."

Agata Boczkowska, COO, Rais

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"The result has given us a greater understanding of how our customers choose from our recipes, increased our spend per customer and will help us to forecast more accurately."

Robert Grieg-Gran, Co-founder and COO, Mindful Chef

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"The Data Science team at Veson Nautical was delighted to partner again with Pivigo for the S2DS Autumn 2023 bootcamp. We enjoyed working with a team of motivated scientists, mentored expertly by Julie Ripplinger and Elis Ortiz, who tackled our “Emission Impossible” project with skill and enthusiasm. Discussions were always at a high scientific level, with clarity of thought, planning, and execution. We did not expect the team to beat our incumbent carbon emissions estimation model in five weeks, but they came very close and demonstrated the applicability of new techniques to the problem. This opens new possibilities for Veson Nautical to generate insights from cargo vessel movements that will support global maritime trade."

Dr Alex Adamou, Vice President, Data Science & Analytics

Veson Nautical

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