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For Income Officers

Tackles the most viable cases in priority order


Income Officers are driven by a desire to ensure rental income whilst doing their utmost to support tenants remaining in their homes.


Prior to Occupi, this was a thankless task, with no prioritisation or separating of technical debt, leaving Income Officers chasing benign or self-resolving cases.


Now, with Occupi, officers are assured that they are making the correct selections in priority order, saving time and having a stronger impact on tenant wellbeing.


Occupi enables front-line personnel to devote their time to the most critical cases where human intervention can have more significant impact.


Additionally, Occupi frees up more time for other activities:

How It Works:
  • Identifying cases at the earliest stage to support tenants in need

  • Make necessary calls to assist the tenants who need it the most

  • Improve efficiency with time saved

  • Decrease their backlog so they can concentrate on other areas of business

  • Improve the connections with tenants

  • Reporting