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Redefining Rent Arrears

Occupi is a ground-breaking product to help income teams prioritise cases and maximise their efficiency.


Occupi uses a unique approach harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help understand tenant behaviour and predict outcomes.

The AI has been trained and refined on millions of data points to accurately identify tenancy stability and arrears increases.

Seamless Integration

Occupi connects easily with your existing Housing Management System (HMS) to offer your income teams much needed insight and intelligence regarding case prioritisation and income collection.

The Occupi Companion App

The Occupi Companion App is an easy and efficient way for income officers to work through their caseload intelligently.


Designed to sit next to your HMS and be easily integrated, the app is browser-based meaning that no installation is required.


The app presents cases in order, providing key insights into the stability of each tenancy.

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Data Feed

You can benefit from Occupi while also maintaining your existing systems, as integration is simple.


Occupi can send a data feed containing all of the actionable insights and intelligence directly to your HMS, instead of through the app. For organisations looking for a more integrated approach, this is the ideal option.

A Quick Tour

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Seamless Deployment

An integrated or standalone solution.

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We configure Occupi around each client’s existing infrastructure and data sources.


This ensures that minimal time and resources are required from your IT team.

Occupi can be linked to an existing HMS or CRM system, or it can be delivered as a standalone solution via its own app.​


For organisations using multiple system types due to recent mergers or consolidations, Occupi can also be linked to multiple HMS simultaneously.

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