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What is Occupi?

The new AI-powered Income Intelligence product for Social Housing.

Occupi enables social landlords to intelligently manage rent collection operations, empower income officers and drive productivity.

Occupi’s AI can identify tenants who need the most support, giving income officers the tools they need to balance their caseloads and collections.

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The App

Why Now?

Income officers need income intelligence.

Rental income is the lifeblood of the social housing sector. To effectively maximise both collections and tenancy stability requires intelligence and empathy.


However, the pressures faced by tenants and Income Officers are now dynamic and further compounded by the growing cost-of-living crisis.


What We Do

How Occupi can help your organisation.


Occupi analyses data from your Housing Management System (HMS) to accurately predict the future financial behaviour and stability of individual tenants.


Via Occupi’s app or integrated data feed into your HMS, your income officers will receive clear and actionable caseloads. Complex datasets are simplified to make them usable, presenting only the relevant information regarding who should be contacted next and why.


Occupi prioritises the least stable tenancies - those which the AI software has identified as having the highest risk of increasing debt. This information enables income teams to intervene early to prevent escalating arrears, creating a better outcome for both the landlord and the tenant.

How It Helps

Occupi gives you a personalised experience

Through a combination of AI analysis and automated prioritisation, Occupi gives Income Officers the tools they need to deliver better outcomes for the housing association and tenants struggling with arrears. Manageable, actionable caseloads free up staff time so that tenants facing difficulties can be offered the support required to prevent them from falling into further arrears.

Through its ability to see patterns and trends in tenants behaviours that elude traditional analysis, Artificial Intelligence provides novel insights to Income teams. By analysing your data with Machine Learning software, Occupi can make accurate predictions regarding future arrears. In short, Occupi tells you what’s likely to happen in the future, and why.


After adopting Occupi, your team will have answers to all the following questions:


  • What are the priority cases this week? 

  • Which tenancies are unstable and likely to have the greatest escalating debt?

  • Which tenancies are unstable and likely to resolve their debt soon?

  • Which tenants are at risk of falling into arrears in the future?

  • Which arrears cases are technical arrears?

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What Our Clients Say

Camden has worked with Pivigo to implement their innovative AI solution. As a tech and transformation leader in local government, it's clear that technology like this will reshape how arrears are managed and tenants supported, and we’re proud to be early adopters.

Tariq Khan - Chief Digital Innovation Officer at London Borough of Camden

I’m very intrigued to see what the future holds for this next-generation Arrears AI from Pivigo. It’s clear technology like this will soon become the norm in the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this change alongside Pivigo.

Chris Fray - Technology and Transformation Manager at Cobalt Housing

The project has demonstrated that moving towards data driven management approaches doesn’t have to involve huge levels of up-front investment.

Tom Harrison - Digital Transformation Manager at Hackney Council


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