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For Income Managers

Enable your team to prioritise their cases.


An income manager's job is becoming more complicated by the day.  


Occupi is an asset. Its primary role streamlines rent-collection procedures by identifying the critical homeowners who require immediate assistance.


Occupi simplifies the process and makes it easier for you to maintain tabs on income officers’ workloads, potential obstacles and your team’s overall effectiveness in terms of bringing in revenue and concluding cases.

How it works:
  • Maximise team productivity through data-driven intelligence

  • Learn and understand tenant behaviours and continuously improve recommendations

  • Provide sustainable income management by enabling targeted preventative strategies

  • Identify future arrears cases before they happen

  • Remove technical arrears and non-cases from your team’s workload

  • Provide both a standalone app or an integrated solution for flexibility

  • Improved tools will boost employee morale and enhance workplace satisfaction

  • Improve the methods for collecting rent

  • Retain most tenants in their homes by providing prompt assistance and early intervention

  • Structure team workloads and productivity as a whole

  • Determine which teammates require managerial assistance

  • Maximising current capabilities to enable the team to accomplish more

  • Provide tenants with finer, more leisurely services

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