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Solving the key challenges companies face when building and scaling their Data Science & AI capability

Pivigo has a proven approach to ensure you identify the best use-case or application of AI for your business. Our global community of data talent work with you to deliver the valuable insights you need for true impact.

In-client Services

Your on-demand AI department

1. Identifying the right project

Our data science team works closely with you to assess and identify the best applications of machine learning and AI, and help you quantify the impact and value, setting the right expectations from the beginning.

2. Enhance your capacity

Expertise in data science techniques is paramount in creating AI solutions and technology. With In-client Services, we provide the experts you need from our global talent network to work with your teams. Each  mentored by Pivigo’s in-house expert data team.

3. Secure executive support

Pivigo will help you prove the value of AI for your organisation, and ensure the investment, risk and objectives are well defined and understood. Executive teams are rightly cautious about exploring AI, as the investment and expertise needed are significant. Additionally the hype and promise of AI has sometimes outweighed the business value it delivers.


Whilst there is always an element of risk associated with innovation, Pivigo’s extensive experience of AI, combined with our proven approach offers reassurance and maximises the chances of success. Pivigo is the low-risk way to explore AI’s potential for your company, with a return on investment ranging from 10x to 300x.

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