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We believe that every business 
deserves to benefit from the 
power of Artificial Intelligence

With our AI as a Service, you can harness the power of machine learning and AI without the effort, risk, and expense of building it yourself 

We offer the world's first AI-as-a-Service

Pivigo helps its clients to identify the best uses of AI within their business and aligned with strategic goals:

• AI for better decision making
• AI to enable growth
• AI driving efficiency / Cost reduction

Once defined and agreed, the AI service is
designed and delivered by Pivigo. We Train, Build,
and Deploy the AI Services, and integrate them with our client's product / platform stack as needed (via API, Dashboard)


Your AI department, not at the end of the corridor but in the cloud

To identify where AI can make your business better,
we work with you through a simple 3 step approach:

Ideate - Workshops to shape your AI strategy and
align it with your business

Innovate - Building AI products that drive growth,
deliver insights and create advantage

Operate – Manage that capability and maintain your
AI solution so you don’t have to


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