Location Intelligence

Geospatial analysis for predictive modeling


How does Pivigo AI solutions help with Location Intelligence?

Last-mile delivery companies and retailers are looking for where to invest their resources

We inform where to invest in industrial land/properties for a highly expanding consumer market

The relevant data requires efficient and rapid conversion to geospatial data forms in order to combine it and generate insights.

This data includes rental trends, employment trends, investment and planning of expanding transport links and more

We aim to provide a service that can combine and process many sources of data into relevant geospatial data

We recommend locations and their projected desirability as delivery and retail hubs for e-commerce markets


To hep your identify where AI can make your business better, we work with a 3-step approach:

How it works


Identify and value the value to be gained from AI in your business.


Build rapid prototypes to illustrate the benefits.


We deliver and manage the services you use every day.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to see where we've used AI to successfully tackle the challenges in Location Intelligence

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"We were delighted with Pivigo. A very well run project, full of talented individuals that made a real difference to our business."

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