Predict and Prevent Rent Arrears with AI


How does Pivigo AI solutions help with Housing?

Rent arrears have soared due to the economic effects of Covid-19.

Our AI solutions can ensure you can predict those most vulnerable and prevent it from happening.

Many rent-repayment agreements are likely to be broken.

Our models can predict when that happens for you to help the most vulnerable tenants.

Tenants are often too busy to report issues during your company hours.

Self-reporting AI dashboards allow tenants to self-report issues 24/7.


To hep your identify where AI can make your business better, we work with a 3-step approach:

How it works


Identify and value the value to be gained from AI in your business.


Build rapid prototypes to illustrate the benefits.


We deliver and manage the services you use every day.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to see where we've used AI to successfully tackle problems in the housing sector.

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Case Studies

Predicting and Preventing Rent Arrears with AI

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"The project has demonstrated that moving towards data driven management approaches doesn’t
have to involve huge levels of up-front investment."

"I would encourage other councils to think as to what problems they could solve with this approach and think that through the open development and sharing of our work have a great opportunity to push the sector forward."

"Working with Pivigo on their S2DS programme made for a great pilot, giving us outputs to proactively help our tenants and maximise our income."

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