eCommerce & Retail

Predict and Prevent Customer Churn with AI


How does Pivigo AI solutions help with eCommerce and Retail?

It is widely accepted that acquiring new customers can cost 5-10x retaining existing ones.

Our AI solutions predict churn to prevent it and keep your revenue streams strong

Pivigo builds fully bespoke recommendation engines for retail and e-commerce companies

These tools intelligently anticipate the intent of customers through machine learning techniques

Pivigo’s expert data scientists will develop the engine and algorithms for you

We’ll help you easily integrate personalisation capabilities into your systems and platform


To hep your identify where AI can make your business better, we work with a 3-step approach:

How it works


Identify and value the value to be gained from AI in your business.


Build rapid prototypes to illustrate the benefits.


We deliver and manage the services you use every day.

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Proven results in weeks, not years

"Both our S2DS teams have showed us that data science is integral part of our business in current times. Their work will make valuable impact and help our marketing efforts going forward. It was a pleasure working with Pivigo and the S2DS team."

"We partnered with Pivigo's S2DS to build a new analytical model for our product. We were very impressed with our team; their practicality and commercial thinking. S2DS is a great programme, well run and beneficial not only for the data scientists but for the participating businesses as well."

"The result has given us a greater understanding of how our customers choose from our recipes, increased our spend per customer and will help us to forecast more accurately."

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