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The Pivigo marketplace enables organisations of all sizes, and in all sectors, to leverage the power of their data through short, defined data science projects. Our community also works with organisations to help scale their data science efforts up, providing a fast, flexible and cost effective way of delivering existing projects to completion. Interested in discussing a data science project with us?

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For data scientists

Pivigo’s Science to Data Science (S2DS) programme trains and graduates some of the world’s top scientific PhD talent in data science, with three programmes each year. Today, Pivigo has the largest network of data scientists globally. Interested in becoming a data scientist?

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The Marketplace

Pivigo gives you access to a workforce of freelancers, consultants and analytical PhDs all ready to work on your project; anytime, anywhere, and any place! Watch our video to find out how Pivigo can work for you.

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Our unparalleled expertise in Data Science allows us to provide value in any industry, enabling innovation in organisations of any size.

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