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Your AI Department in the Cloud

Harness the power of machine learning and AI without the effort, risk, and expense of building your own department. Get results in weeks, not years.

Our AI services platform gives you an extensive library of customizable algorithms. Through our agile approach and extensive experience of making AI work for hundreds of companies, we host and maintain your AI services.

Identify where AI can help your business.


We help you identify & quantify the value to be gained through AI in your business, through our unique AI strategy workshop. This workshop identifies solutions to your biggest pain points using AI & Machine Learning. We deliver a clear plan for your key challenges, demonstrating the power of AI with your data.


We build rapid prototypes to illustrate the benefits AI delivers and how that solution can be integrated with your processes. We engineer an end-to-end process based on standardised workflows, data pipelines and containers, giving you a state-of-the-art AI product trained and customised on your data.


We deliver and manage the AI services you use every day. Once deployed, we maintain and manage your AI services so you can focus on running your business. We deliver reliable AI services and insights for your end-users and host and monitor your AI services to ensure consistency, uptime and performance.

With Pivigo's AI-as-a-Service, companies can finally benefit from machine learning without the effort, risk, and expertise of building it themselves.

Pivigo makes this possible through our:

- AI services platform
- Extensive library of customisable algorithms
- Agile approach and extensive expertise of making AI work

Over the past 8 years, we've delivered more than 230+ successful AI and data science projects to our clients. We've helped organisations to uncover new insights, optimise their decision making, increase their profitability, and easily identify risks.

AI is no longer a luxury but a 'must-have'

Building your own AI and data science department without expertise and experience is an impossible tasks. Our services allow you to ensure your strategy is in place to deliver real-time strategic actions, establish the right talent mix, operating model, and governance framework.

Trusted by global organisations of all sizes

"It leads to a real improvement in the core part of the product, allowed us to see our data problems from a fresh perspective and lead to us offering to hire one of the participants for a full-time role."

"We were delighted with S2DS – a very well run programme full of talented individuals that made a real difference to our business."

"We have worked with Pivigo on five projects by now, and have always been more than satisfied with the outcomes."


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