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Become a data scientist

At Pivigo, we aim to facilitate and support PhD's and MSc's in their transitions from academia to industry via our S2DS programme. This programme gives experience solving real-world big data problems, providing the participants with the commercial skills needed in business.

We train analytical PhD's and MSc's over five weeks on our virtual and London campus.

Take on real-world data science projects, working with large multinationals, charities, SME's and exciting start-ups.

Join a network of over 300 S2DS fellows and become a data scientist.

Become an Ambassador

As a Pivigo data science Ambassador at your University, you will become a part of one of the most exciting data science communities in the world.

Data science is a fast growing field which touches every industry. The technical nature of the job and the shortage of quality candidates, means that data science is a lucrative career.

For those who are considering leaving academia, but who want to continue working in a research capacity, data science offers an opportunity to utilise your experience and knowledge, solving interesting problems with real-world applications.


Your mission as data science Ambassador

Become a data science Ambassador to integrate and network in the world of data science. With our support you will get others excited about data science. You will share news, knowledge, insights, as well as connect and create a data science community within your campus and with local and national businesses, becoming a part of our global community.

Reasons why being a Data Science Ambassador is a great opportunity:

  • Invitations to Pivigo events such as Meetups, networking events with Pivigo's business partners and discounts to external conferences and events related to data science
  • Support towards covering financial costs of events organised as an Ambassador
  • Acquisition of a broad range of valuable hand-on public engagement, leader and management experience with a reference based on performance
  • Priority access and discounted future S2DS placements for Ambassadors (subject to acceptance)
  • Training and upskilling sessions for CV writing, job hunting, pitching to employers, interview skills
  • Enhanced communciation and networking skills
  • Book vouchers and merchandise

At Pivigo our mission is to support the career transitions of graduates and post-graduates into Data Science roles, while at the same time building a large and thriving data science community. We will support you to:

  • Be the advocate: Promote data science by creating and involving yourself in a range of offline and online activities to create awareness of data science throughout your campus.
  • The go-to person for the event: Engage the University in events related to data science; These events can be of a nature appropriate to the University culture and motivations, e.g. hackathons, meetups, networking events, creating a data science society, running competitions or conferences etc.
  • Share the content: Spread the word on the latest developments and research and engage your community using a variety of social media, promotional materials and competitions.
  • Build your own unique network: Build networks and relationships with key influencers on campus, including societies, clubs and other student bodies around the theme of data science.
  • Integrate and be integral to the success: Be the eyes and ears of Pivigo at your campus, providing us with valuable feedback on our services, influencing the future of Pivigo.
  • If you want to organise events at your campus, the Pivigo team can support you with tips on topics and how to set up, finding speakers or getting a Pivigo speaker and potentially even some financial support towards venue and refreshment costs.
  • Be passionate about data science
  • Be excited by a career in data science
  • Be keen to gain hands-on experience helping to grow an amazing community
  • Have an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Be a team player with great communication skills
  • Have an understanding of social media

Programme duration and activities run concurrent with academic year, flexible to fit around your work and studies. Choose your activities and level of commitment.

If you would like to know more, or apply to become an Ambassador, get in touch with the Pivigo team on:

Apply here to be a data science Ambassador using the form below.

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