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Our scalable data science on-demand service means any organisation can access the best fully vetted talent for their projects to drive real impact, regardless of location, sector or size.

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Our core services


Partner up on the Pivigo marketplace to have access to a data science workforce ready to work on projects anywhere, anytime, in any configuration.

Science to Data Science

Become a project partner today and get the most from your data by working with the brightest analytical talent at Europes largest data science training programme.



A pipeline of data science professionals

At Pivigo we recognise that sometimes you just need access to specialist resources; on demand and hassle free. We bridge the gap between your data and actionable insights, by providing you with Data Science On-Demand via our marketplace.

Pivigo offers many businesses a pipeline to data science professionals that did not previously exist. Working with brands such as Barclays, British Gas, Royal Mail and KPMG, enables Pivigo to grant opportunities for PhD's to gain real-life experience solving business problems through data.

The marketplace is the go-to hub for all your data science needs.

Benefits for businesses

  • Any company or organisation, regardless of size, age or data maturity, can use the marketplace.
  • You can access the marketplace any time of the year.
  • Flexible project duration, set by you.
  • Flexible team members, including seniority, number and skills.
  • All freelancers adopt remote working.
  • Most participants are freelancers but recruitment opportunities are possible.

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Science to Data Science Programme

Understand your business data and unlock its potential

Whether your business has just started, is growing or established, understanding your data is crucial for success, but you need people to go through your data to unlock its potential.

Every year we train analytical PhD scientists by exposing them to real-life data science projects through our programmeS2DS (Science to Data Science)a five-week, intensive, virtual or residential training programme, the largest of its kind in Europe. Project scopes vary in nature and cover the entire spectrum of data science from demand prediction to route optimisation.

Benefits of joiningS2DS

  • Any company or organisation.
  • Specific time (March, August, October only).
  • Set 5 weeks duration.
  • A team of 3-4 MScs or PhDs.
  • Location can be either London campus or remote.
  • All participants are looking for new jobs.
  • Networking events organised with up to 200 data scientists and business VIPs.

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