Why hiring data science freelancers saves you money, time, and resource

Posted 2018-11-22T Posted by Tom

Companies worldwide are flocking to hire data scientists, recognising the potential in their talents to revolutionise current practices and squeeze maximum potential out of their resources through analysis and optimisation.

However, businesses often hire teams or individuals with a generic ‘Data Scientist’ label attached to their CV. As the field is comprised of people with varying skills and experience, the one-size-fits-all data scientist does not culminate in fulfilled ambitions. We recognise that the best outcomes are achieved by utilising individuals who are specialised in some aspects of data science.

It’s important to understand that data science can focus on a myriad of different problems and ambitions. As each dataset and approach is unique, it often requires a different team to work on each project. By hiring freelancers, you’re not only provided with the ability to utilise the relevant skillsets when they are actually necessary; you can go on to retain that talent as well.

One of the common pitfalls of hiring a permanent data science team is that you may find yourself trying to pigeonhole them into projects that are unnecessary or irrelevant to their skills, wasting both your time and resources.

Data scientists often choose this career path because they are passionate about the type of work they do, who they work for, and what their findings achieve and influence. If they are given projects that do not suit their skill sets, they will struggle to deliver the results needed, and the potential of the project is lost.

Being able to call on the right people at the right time ensures you can implement data science to maximum effect; think of it as a game of top-trumps where you cannot lose. You will employ passionate people, who you can be assured are motivated by the work they do, all of whom have had their experience verified. As freelancers work across a variety of sectors throughout their careers, they can call on a wealth of experience you do not find in those who have spent years at one company.

This versatility often benefits your existing teams, allowing them to learn best practices and broaden their thinking, inspiring creative and innovative ideas.

At Pivigo, we recognise the value to be harnessed from short-term projects and how integral they are to long-term ambitions. Therefore, we have made it our mission to support both companies and freelancers throughout their journey, ensuring both parties maximise the potential of the time spent working together.

Our next blog will highlight how to create an environment and structure that will get the most from your freelance data scientists.

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