Valentine's Gifts by a Neural Network

Posted 2020-02-13 Posted by Tom O'Connell

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you’re stuck for the perfect gift idea, then perhaps, and I stress the perhaps part, data science can help? We gave a Neural Network the prompt: “top 10 valentine’s gifts to give to your partner,” to see what it would come up with. The first few attempts were somewhat off-topic and another, whilst on-topic, was explicitly risque. Eventually, we were given a list of items that could be given as gifts.

To summarise, we’re a long way off the singularity.

Here are the gifts, in order, below.

1. Sunscreen

I think it is one of the best feelings in the world. As your partner starts looking into their purse to see if they have any money that they can give to you, they will probably start and finish their cigarette, cough, drink, call someone, check their Facebook, and think about how nice and sunny it is outside, etc. It will make them feel good. And you can certainly let them get an extra shower or go out somewhere to enjoy the weather. Plus, it can help ward off the chills.

But, do yourself a favor, don't put sunscreen on before you start talking to your partner. Like I said, it's a gift, not a sentence.

2. Hand-made cards - made from vintage messages of love, I wish you and me a wonderful day, I love you, or best of all, a card you actually like.

3. Mouse or picture charm

Moved and you want to update? Do you want to give someone a hug? Get them a cute Valentine's kissy mouse charm. It is so simple to make.

4. Attack the Space Garrison

5. 1 year of Xbox Live Gold (paid on the 1st of every month)

6. 4 fresh black mushrooms that you can eat?

7. 1 scroll of silence

8. 1 icy flower of purple hearts (better than a new hair color!)

9. Baby Bee Flower Vase 50ml

- 4 Rose petals in a White Flower Cup
- Illuminated by 2 full hours of daylight.
- An Egyptian Red Rose will entice you to breath fresh after you receive it.
- Available with or without spray.

10. 1 weird box

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