The Pivigo Knowledge Galaxy

Posted 2017-09-01T Posted by Tom

A clear, comprehensive measure of your data science abilities with guided skill-development.

Let's set the scene. You're a data scientist. You could be sat at a desk: at home, in the library, or at the office and the familiar sound of a notification from your favourite social media channel rings out. It's from the only other person you know that does data science - it’s still a young field. You're both in the process of learning, improving and (frustratingly) trying to work out where your skill level sits in the new world of data science. Not an easy task. Back to the notification. Your data science friend has completed a challenge on and wants to see how you match up. Finally, a chance to test and measure your ability against each other.

You've been sent a bite-sized probability challenge; a set of beginner-level problems in the statistics category -  with just 60 minutes on the clock.

On completion, pass or fail, the Knowledge Galaxy gives you instant feedback on your answers and your competency contributes to your skill profile.

Over time, as you complete challenges and follow our suggested (but not compulsory) learning paths, your skill profile will grow - alongside your data science abilities. This skill profile not only allows you to measure yourself with accuracy, it guides you through the up-skilling process. It shows you where your shortfalls are and helps you to decide where to go to next.

There’s a direct benefit for both your career and your wallet too, if that’s something you’re searching for. As Europe's first data science marketplace, regularly posts freelance projects and data science jobs. Your skill profile will help employers to determine whether you're right for their project. A solid commitment to learning and a measurable skill profile is invaluable to an employer.

Whether jobs are on your mind or not, you are still awarded for your efforts. Your profile will proudly display your trophies and achievements. You’re becoming a great data scientist and the world should know that.

Pivigo's Knowledge Galaxy allows you to prove your skills at a time in which most people are struggling to define what a data scientist even is. Test yourself, benefit from guided learning and challenge your peers. The galaxy is in your hands... 

By Alfie Lambert

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