S2DS London Goes Virtual

Posted 2021-02-16 Posted by Isobel Lee

With the ongoing uncertainty and surrounding the viability of in-person events this summer, it likely comes as no surprise that we are again moving our London-based S2DS programme online. This will ensure the course can go ahead and we can continue to launch the careers of aspiring data scientists. We trialled this last August and had some incredible feedback, with some finding the flexibility prefrential to travelling, which was one of the reasons we launched our first Virtual S2DS programme six years ago.

The deadline for current applications to S2DS August 2021 is 2nd May 2021.

When we translated the S2DS format from on-campus to virtual, back in 2015, we were careful to replicate the experience as closely as possible, while also taking advantage of the added benefits of the virtual environment. Key parts of the programme were always learning from seniors and peers, gaining commercial experience from the project, and crucially to network with participants and the wider Pivigo community.

Interestingly, in feed-back from Fellows from our Virtual programmes, they often say that they were positively surprised at how well the networking element worked, how well they connected with their fellow participants, and how they were typically more interested in working remote in the future after the programme. How will the August version of S2DS work, then? Well, mostly the same as otherwise. Participants will still work in teams of 4 – 5 on data science projects with partner companies.

We will still have lectures delivered via webinars. We communicate multiple times daily via video calls, Slack, and other collaboration tools. The ways in which we ensure networking include:

- Daily team scrums-Daily Q&A sessions with the whole cohort
- Panel debates with experts from the wider world of data science
- Speed networking sessions and social calls

We are also mindful that many companies join S2DS to recruit, and many participants are looking for jobs. Therefore, we will still host a job fair at the end of the programme, in a virtual format, and we are putting further measures in place to support job seekers and job matching.

We are not new to running our programme remote and even though this will be our largest remote programme to date, we know how to make them a success anda great experience – for both participants and partners. This summer will be no different, it will be an awesome summer of data and fun. Join us! If you want an insight into the virtual programme, follow us on social media and check out our YouTube channel as we are sharing interviews from the current virtual cohort regularly.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this programme will work, please get in touch on info@s2ds.org - If you are a company interested in supporting a project, or hiring from S2DS, please get in touch on info@pivigo.com.

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