Pivigo's First Ever Hackathon - The Effects of Crossrail

Posted 2019-04-05 Posted by Tom

Ten newly built stations, thirty to be upgraded, and expected to serve around 200 million people a year; crossrail is scheduled to arrive in London later in 2019 and bring improved connectivity. But what effect will that have on the daily commute, house prices, and the chance of grabbing a seat in a carriage on London’s new Elizabeth line?

Our first ever Hackathon used public transportation, housing, and geographic data to see if we could accurately predict and quantify some of the exciting changes that lie further down the line.

Using the Microsoft Azure platform to answer creative questions about crossrail, our participants sought to examine the biggest changes to the lives of those who currently use the London Underground network.

One of the teams created personas for typical travel journeys. The London Underground network serves airports, so by looking at a typical (Marco’s) journey taken from Oyster card data they were able to determine how much time off of common journeys the new line would take.

Our teams concluded that not only would the introduction of new stations shave time off of previous journeys which required travelling across several lines and stations, but that this pragmatic switch by commuters would free up congestion at existing stops not on the Elizabeth line such as London Bridge and Victoria, thereby decreasing the duration of time taken from entering and boarding a viable train. Journeys such as Victoria to Ealing Broadway could be improved by up to seven minutes and another 45 journeys could be improved by six minutes.

Another team sought to predict the effect on housing prices in the boroughs affected by Crossrail’s introduction by looking at year-on-year property price rises since its announcement. They determined there was no clear correlation but that every fluctuation happened in sync across these wards.

Check out some of the photos taken from the day below.

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