Pivigo's Data Science Marketplace Secures Investment Following Rapid Growth

Posted 2017-03-23T Posted by Tom

The Data Science Hub secures investment

Pivigo (www.pivigo.com) today announces it has secured investment from a powerful consortium of investors including Angel Academe, Craigie Capital, Dubai-based Dunamis Ventures Ltd and London Co-Investment Fund, the Mayor of London’s early stage business fund.

Pivigo was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Kim Nilsson and Jason Muller to improve the employability of PhDs by training them as data scientists. Data science enables businesses to fully understand their customers, clients and organisation on another level.

Pivigo, which currently operates throughout the UK and Europe, will use the investment to launch a new online marketplace for data science. This marketplace will give data scientists access to a hub of network opportunities, jobs and freelance projects, further accelerating Pivigo’s European growth.

Kim Nilsson, Founder & CEO, Pivigo, commented:

"This funding round will allow us to reach a much larger audience, help connect more people with each other and work with companies to gain value from data. We are extremely proud and honoured by the growing endorsement we have been given by several prestigious investment groups, and can’t wait to continue to grow our business and our network."
Pivigo bring businesses and scientists together to harness the value and opportunities in data. The firm bridges the gap between the two fields using S2DS, a bespoke data science training programme which is the largest of its kind in Europe. Since Pivigo’s launch, they have worked with over 70 organisations; from large multi-nationals such as KPMG, Marks & Spencer, British Gas, Barclays and Investec, to two-person start-ups.

Pivigo’s S2DS training programme connects organisations with exceptional PhD students to collaborate on ‘real life’ projects. Pivigo also enables businesses to access a large and growing pool of data science experts with real commercial experience, ready for employment. This pool is talented and diverse with data scientists from 50 nationalities, including circa 35% women.

Pivigo has also appointed Lorraine Heggessey, one of the UK’s most respected media professionals, as Non-Exec Director. Lorraine was the first woman to run BBC 1 and has more recently helped to nurture new production companies at Channel 4’s Growth Fund.

The Mayor of London’s investment in Pivigo reflects his recent #LondonIsOpen campaign, showing international partners that London is still open for business and retains its entrepreneurial and creative spirit. It also supports the burgeoning Women In Tech movement, which has strong support from City Hall.

Rajesh Agrawal, London’s Deputy Mayor for Business, commented:

"The growth of tech businesses like Pivigo is further proof that London leads the way when it comes to technology and data, and the capital continues to attract investment from across the globe. I am proud that we are investing in these companies via the London Co-investment Fund and empowering them to keep the capital at the forefront technology and science"
Tanzil Sayed, Founder & Partner, Dunamis Ventures Ltd, commented:

"Data analytics and marketplace models have individually proven to be two of the fastest growing sectors in the tech world. By bringing them together, Pivigo is all set to create a highly disruptive platform."
Lorraine Heggessey commented:

"I am keen to support and encourage female entrepreneurs. Kim impressed me with her passion, drive and intellectual rigour. Pivigo is poised to grow rapidly in the developing data science market and I look forward to helping the company achieve its goals."
To find out more about Pivigo please visit www.pivigo.com

About Pivigo

Pivigo, the Data Science Hub, is a data science marketplace and training provider based in London. Pivigo runs Europe’s largest data science training programme S2DS (Science to Data Science, www.s2ds.org). Pivigo connect people who live and breathe data science to businesses across the world using data to revolutionise the way we work, live and stay healthy.

Website: http://www.pivigo.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PivigoHub

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pivigo

About Angel Academe

Angel Academe is the UK’s leading angel network for women. Most (but not all) of Angel Academe members are women and they invest in ambitious tech startups with at least one woman on the founding team.

Diversity is good business sense: at Angel Academe they believe that diverse investor and startup teams make better decisions, are more capital efficient and give better return on investment. For more information please visit http://angelacade.me

About Dunamis Ventures Ltd

Dunamis Ventures Ltd is a private equity investment partnership focusing on high growth industries and emerging markets. We are a young firm with plenty of experience and edge. Not just capital, we invest time and efforts based on our edge and experience principles and are not just financial investors. We aim to bring relevant business and personal contacts, experience of commercialization, operation building, scaling and running of a business whilst building appropriate processes as major value add items. For more information please visit www.dunamisventures.com

About Craigie Capital

Craigie Capital focuses on sector specific, early-stage investments in high growth and scalable start-ups. Craigie Capital's sector focused approach allows it to take a value-add, supportive role pre and post investment. We invest at the seed stage in strong teams that have proven domain expertise. Since 2010 Craigie Capital has invested in and supported over 30 early stage investments. The London Co-Investment Fund co-invests alongside Craigie Capital in selected investments. For more information please visit http://craigiecapital.com

About LCIF

The London Co-Investment Fund is founded and managed by Funding London and Capital Enterprise to empower London based start-ups by enabling them to scale and prove their business models. The £25m fund (via the Mayor of London's Growing Places Fund) invests exclusively in funding rounds of between £250,000 and £1,000,000 led by LCIF's competitively selected co-investment partners. To date LCIF have invested £10m in 59 start-ups. For more information please visit lcif.co

Twitter : https://twitter.com/fundinglondon

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/10099721

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