NEW FEATURE: Introducing Our Data Science Learning Platform, The AI Mentor

Posted 2018-12-14T Posted by Tom

There’s a myriad of data science resources out there, but only some of them are verified, and only some of them are right for what you need to learn. Sorting through this endless pile of ever-increasing material is a daunting task, so that’s why we decided to fix this and created the AI Mentor.

The AI Mentor allows you to decide on your own curriculum. You can set data science goals, all with resources resources curated by practising data science experts, and challenges to test and validate your new and existing skill set. Getting started is easy.

Step 1: Register for, or log-in to your free Pivigo account.

Step 2: Pick areas of interest

Step 3: Set your data science goals

There are goals for beginners to industry veterans, all with data science challenges to verify and test your new skills. Your progress will automatically be saved, allowing you to return to where you left off at any time.

We’ve made it easy to select your areas of interest and focus on the learning that matters to you.

You can even prepare for an S2DS application or continue your learning once you’ve submitted an application.

Click here to begin.

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