Exciting times ahead!

Posted 2017-03-23T Posted by Tom


The Data Science Hub

New logo, new webpage, same purpose. Ever since we started Pivigo some two years ago we have been on a mission to support the career transitions of academics into business. We are also passionate about what data science can do to change our lives, and we recognise the great challenges that lie ahead for government and business to make the most, and best, use of their vast collections of data.

At Pivigo, we therefore serve two communities, by connecting them with each other. We work with academics and graduates in preparing them for a career transition into industry, and we work with companies and organisations in supporting their efforts to become more data-driven. It is a situation in which everyone benefits, and we get the satisfaction of knowing that we helped make the world a slightly better place to live in.

Europe's Largest Data Science Training Program

Our business has evolved with time, as we try to understand the best ways we can deliver on our mission. We started as a recruitment business, then kicked off Europe’s largest data science training programme S2DS and now we are soon ready to announce the next step of the Pivigo journey. Hence the refresh of the webpage. We are not quite ready to reveal all the details yet, but suffice to say that we are planning more ways to get data scientists to interact with organisations with interesting data science problems.

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