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Posted 2017-06-23T Posted by Tom

The demand for skilled data scientists continues with IBM research suggesting that there will be a 28% increase in the number of employed data scientists by 2020. Companies in all industries are more readily acknowledging the ways in which they can capitalise on the huge amounts of data that they hold, as well as investing in resource to drive the new technologies that access, analyse and utilise this data value.

For anyone looking to enter a continually growing industry and cement a career in a well-paid, diverse and progressive field, data science is likely to be an attractive prospect. Accessing a career in this competitive field is promoted through the completion of industry-specific training that provides first-hand real working experience and excellent connections to potential employers and data science experts.

S2DS Training Programme

The S2DS training programme is the largest data science course in Europe and is an excellent way for prospective data scientists to improve their knowledge, gain greater industry insight and access rewarding events and network with fellow data scientists. The five week course is an intensive programme that aims to provide a thorough training platform to individuals who hold a PhD or MSc, evolving them from exceptional academics to talented and highly sought after professionals.

Benefits of the S2DS Online Course

Completing the S2DS online training course is a superb way to propel yourself into a lucrative career and there are a number of benefits to completing this short but fulfilling programme online, including:

Affordability - The online course is designed to be cost effective and allows students full access to the London course curriculum, from wherever they are in the world, without the need to travel and reside away from home. We pride ourselves on our global data science credentials

Diversity - Students on the S2DS course benefit from studying alongside a diverse and talented group. As a business we are actively involved in many high profile diversity campaigns; and we’ve undertaken studies that show the huge benefits of diversity in business. Combined with our global academic and commercial footprints we believe this gives students from all backgrounds a great platform into Data Science

Access to Network Events - Whilst completing the S2DS online course, students are invited to attend networking events that will help them build connections with other professionals and potential employers. With options to participate in speed networking, days out, panel debates and Q&A sessions, the sociability of this course promotes the likelihood of immediate employment on completion as well as broader and more in depth understanding of the field.

Convenience -  The S2DS online course has been designed to ensure that all participants are able to study conveniently and successfully from anywhere in the world. Pivigo is closely linked to a global network of startups and multinationals and this means that students on the course benefit from an extensive and diverse network without having to leave their own home.

Real Work Experience - Thanks to Pivigo’s exceptional reputation and superb business links, all students on the S2DS course enjoy a full five weeks of real, company-based projects. Each project is completed through video and chat tools alongside a host of online platforms.

Availability - The S2DS online course is now the only way to access the 2017 programme The offline course is completely sold out.

Who would benefit from the S2DS virtual course?         

Businesses throughout the world are continuing to recognise that there are huge competitive advantages available to them through the use of data and analytics, and that to do this effectively having expert employees on hand to access and extract this data is crucial.

The increase in self-service options and tools that are introduced to automate several technical and repetitive tasks within a business regularly involve data and analytics. Businesses who use such tools are therefore increasingly needing employees who are able to carry out complex data tasks such as automation and predictive modelling. An employee who is able to understand the principles of these undertakings will usually be favoured of one who does not and so the S2DS online course provides a solid career stepping stone.

Individuals who want to enhance their CV, stand out from the crowd and extend their knowledge and abilities are encouraged to consider applying for the course. With enhanced knowledge, improved practical application skills and superb network connections, completion of the S2DS course promotes access and success into a career as a data scientist.

How to Enrol

Places on the online S2DS course are all the more popular following the full offline programme vacancies. You can enrol on the course before 25th June at:

For further information and details on the experiences of previous students, take a look at the video testimonials from the 2016 course here.  

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