Authentic Evidence joins forces with Pivigo to help clients measure their success

Posted 2020-01-27 Posted by Pivigo

Authentic Evidence joins forces with Pivigo to help clients measure their success.

Authentic Evidence and Pivigo have entered into a strategic joint venture to help clients strengthen their enterprise performance management and data science capabilities.

Authentic Evidence is a data analytics and digital change management business. Pivigo is a data science marketplace connecting highly qualified data experts with businesses. Together, Pivigo and Authentic Evidence will provide clients with all the solutions they need to build and strengthen their data science capabilities.

Both companies are committed to leaving a lasting legacy of data science expertise with each client by giving companies the opportunity to recruit talented PhDs and MSc graduates from Europe’s largest data science training programme, Science to Data Science. This gives clients a unique experience to selectively recruit data science experts with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to strengthen corporate governance controls, reduce enterprise risks, improve standards of performance, measure success, and increase profitability.

Brian Greig, co-founder of Authentic Evidence said: “By joining forces, we know we can deliver far better value to our clients compared to any of our competitors because we now have a trusted partner who provides us with the flexibility, scale, and quality of talent we need to accelerate progress and maximise value for our clients.”

Pivigo provides an unrivalled pool of talented data scientists vetted and accredited, so that clients can rest assured they are up to the challenge. With access to over 8,500 data scientists and data engineers worldwide, Pivigo can provide the right specialists at the right time. This translates to better speed, agility, efficiency, and quality in delivering data science projects within digital transformation programmes.

Authentic Evidence will specialise in providing a holistic understanding of how to integrate, implement and embed data science into everyday business processes, so that clients can continuously measure their success and strengthen their innovation capabilities.

Both companies were founded by the desire to unlock the positive potential of data to promote evidence based decision making in business. This helps clients build authentic relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders who ultimately determine the future value of any organisation.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting joint venture, please contact Kim Nilsson and Jason Muller at Pivigo, or Lara Correia and Brian Greig at Authentic Evidence.

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