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The founding of Pivigo

When Dr Kim Nilsson, our CEO was thinking of leaving her successful career in Astronomy she too was daunted with the idea of transitioning from academia to industry.

After realising that she was more excited by a career in business than in science, Kim completed an MBA at Cranfield University in order to learn about business and start a new career. This new career was an entrepreneurial one, and the Pivigo journey started during the MBA, when she joined forces with co-founder and fellow MBA Jason Muller, our COO.

Kim and Jason wanted to combine Kim’s experiences from the challenges of converting a scientific career into an industry career, with Jason’s business knowledge and experience - and in 2013 Pivigo was born.

“We look forward to what the future will bring!”

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Full of fun, friendly and bright individuals

We have fun because we love what we do and we want our clients to enjoy working with us. We have grown from a few people into a much larger family, but we still believe in the same things we did on day one.

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Careers at Pivigo
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Our Name

We often get asked the significance of the name Pivigo, so we thought we would let you know. As Kim and Jason started the Pivigo journey during their MBA, they came across a finance acronym relating to share prices for companies, based on the expected growth opportunities for the company – PVGO (Present Value of Growth Opportunities).

Kim and Jason knew that the data science industry, and our data scientists, have tremendous growth opportunities. The ‘Go’ at the end also added to the spirit we have in the company, plus it’s unique and fun to say!

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